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How to Install Decorative Plastic Bollard Covers

Learn how to use post covers to transform dull security posts into architectural highlights that reduce seasonal maintenance!

A cross section of security post and premium plastic post cover is displayed in this computer-animated image.
Reliance Foundry’s post covers can be easily installed over security posts in minutes

Reliance Foundry’s decorative plastic bollard covers enhance security and bumper posts. Available in ten colours, they add beauty while increasing visibility and reducing maintenance. They feature ornamentation that compliments surrounding architecture and they can easily be affixed to existing posts in a matter of minutes. Created with Ideal Shield™ technology that reduces the likelihood of theft, Reliance Foundry’s decorative plastic bollards can be installed over new or existing security posts. Installation is easy and can be performed by almost anyone. In a matter of minutes, what was once an unsightly security device becomes an architectural highlight! Learn the easy and affordable way to protect and beautify bumper posts:

Installation Equipment Required

  • Measuring Tape
  • Mitre Saw or Hand Saw

Preparation and Measuring the Plastic Bollard Cover

* NOTE: Bollards should be left in their packaging until the exact moment of installation

  • Inspect the security post:
    A plastic decorative bollard cover will only perform as well as the security post on which it is placed. Examine the post for signs of damage. Hold a level vertically against the side of the post and ensure that it is plumb with the concrete surface. If the post shows signs of rust or its integrity has been damaged, it is advisable to consider replacing the post.
  • Clean the security post:
    Brush or wipe the surface of the post before beginning. Debris can offset measurements and placement of the decorative bollard cover; Moisture can damage the integrity of the bumper post.
  • Slide the plastic bollard over the bumper post:
    The diameter of the bollard cover should be similar to that of the bumper post it will cover. The top of the plastic bollard should sit 1” to 3” higher than the top of the bumper post. Remove the cover once it has been measured.

Securing the Plastic Bollard

  • Apply neoprene adhesive tape to the security post: Approximately 3” from the top wrap a piece of tape around the bumper post. Allow a 1” gap between the ends of the tape. Near the bottom, wrap a piece of tape around the shaft of the security post so that both ends meet.
  • Slide the plastic bollard over the bumper post: With a twisting motion, slowly slide the decorative plastic bollard cover over the bumper post. If the tape is applied correctly, you will hear air being forced out of the decorative plastic bollard.

Care and Maintenance

Reliance Foundry’s line of decorative plastic bollard covers are constructed from a highly durable polyurethane composite. Their composition resists UV damage and allows them to endure in typical North American climates, however, proper care and maintenance is required. In most environments, regularly-performed inspections and routine cleaning will ensure that the post cover retains its aesthetic appeal and does not become damaged by the elements.

Plastic covers created by Ideal Shield ™